Business centre Zirmunu st. 107, Vilnius

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Business centre Zirmunu st. 107, Vilnius

Project – Business centre in Vilnius
Address – Žirmūnų 107, Vilnius

A modern three-level, 3900 sq.m. total floor space building of the business centre (commercial premises on the first level and offices on the other levels) was built in 2007 next to the junction of Žirmūnų and Kareivių streets in Vilnius. 

 Cosy and state-of–art business centre in Žirmūnai is located on a strategically advantageous junction of Žirmūnų and Kareivių streets, close to busy roads connecting the centre and other important districts of the city.

The total area of the new business centre equal to 3900 sq.m. comprises 2700 sq.m. of office space and 1200 sq.m. for commercial premises on the first level.

The business centre has been equipped following the highest technical standard applicable to offices including modern safety installations and conveniences.

For lease of premises please contact UAB „Evolis“, the customer of the project.